Good afternoon everyone! Yesterday I spent my day decorating this lovely mantle-piece in preparation for Halloween  next week, so I thought I would share it with you all to give you some ideas or inspiration for your own home. 
With a few props, some creepy cloth and a couple of candles it is very simple to create a spooky scene to get you in the mood for this holiday! 

I love my witches broom, which I actually bought from a garden centre as I felt it had more of a rustic feel, rather than choosing a witches broom from a joke shop. At £5.99 it was also cheaper than the other brooms I found due to it not being a seasonal item. For the vine I simply took normal green vine into the garden and spray painted it black to make it look a little more creepy.
For the above photo I painted an old white birdcage I had, bought a £3 crow from Matalan and placed them next to some home-made jars from last year filled with such things as ‘bat droppings’ (capers), ‘vampire fangs’ (garlic cloves), eyeballs (from the joke shop placed in coloured water), dragon skin (orange peel), earth worms (cooked spaghetti in muddy water) and bat skeletons (plastic skeleton hands from the joke shop!)
The gold candelabras are from a charity shop, and the black candles are from Ikea…
I love this giant spider which I placed crawling across the mirror, following a cluster of smaller spiders. The creepy cloth in the picture was bought from Amazon and I would highly recommend this to anyone, is is incredibly cheap and looks really effective in any room. 
I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween this year! I’ll be posting some Halloween costume ideas later on this week in case you are having a last minute panic.. I’ve been rather organised this year and found the most terrifying mask, which I will also share, 
Speak soon!!
Zahra xxx