The spookiest time of the year is almost upon us and the Les Enfants team are busy creating potions and parties worthy of a Harry Potter film set.  However I thought I’d share some ideas for smaller scale parties to create at home.  Obviously the scare factor will depend on the age range of your guests but there are lots of fun ideas that can be recreated to ensure a good time is had by all.
There are some great invitations and party printables available but you could always makes fun invitations, perhaps cut a pumpkin shape from orange card, stick on a scary face with shapes cut from black card or paper on one side then write all the party details on the other side.  Maybe you would prefer to use one of these fab Halloween fonts to create your own spooky invitations?
Decorations can be made easily using pumpkins, spiders and webs, or even orange balloons as seen below. Try cutting up egg boxes and paint them black, stick on wool or pipecleaner legs & googly eyes and hang from the ceiling or door frames.
Fun & easy ideas from Martha Stewart
Party games can be fairly scary if your guests are older but one of my favourites is having bowls of beans or jelly with grapes in covered over for people to put their hands in and guess what it is!  Apple bobbing is a Halloween favourite or why not pin the bow tie onto the skeleton?  Here are a few fun looking games I found whilst researching this post.
Pin the bow tie on the skeleton
Idea from Parents
This looks like lots of fun!
 Little spooky treats for your guests to take home would be better than bags full of sweets and saves having to go trick n treating!
Be sure to share your spooky Halloween parties with us!