Delighted to hand our blog over to Candice today, one of our stylists as she explains how she made her daughters party invitations.
It has
become a tradition in our house that the making of the birthday invitations is
a team effort – Its her party after all!  
Admittedly my daughter does have a party-planning mum
– but its her enthusiasm about her
impending birthday (and child-like
abandon with the glitter) that seems to make her birthday invitations really
Our past efforts have involved her tea-staining
Pirate maps before lightly baked them or making vintage key bracelets for her
Alice in Wonderland party invites, so we had to come up with something equally
year she has chosen a Wizard of Oz party and we thought what better way to
invite her friends than from the Wizard of Oz himself on a sparkly scroll! 

make our invitations:
halved gardening dowels (as they helpfully come in green!), but you could use
any dowels and paint to your chosen colour scheme.

My daughter was in charge of dipping the dowel ends
in PVA and glittering the 160 ends required(!).

Whilst she was quietly busy doing this, I set
to work in making and printing the scrolls.

Loosely fold some A4 paper(card is too thick to roll
once you have mounted the invite). 

only an inch in the folded center and use a hole punch to create two holes in
the center of the paper. 

Cut a
piece of ribbon the length of A4 paper and have your child thread the ribbon
through the holes.

Spray mount your trimmed printed invitations directly
on top of this loop and trim the edges to fit your sticks.

When your glittered sticks have dried, use a strip of
double sided tape at each end to secure the sticks into place.

Roll the scroll up from each end and use the ribbons
from the underside of the invitation to secure it closed at the front.

have glittered some circular discs for the name tags.  The boys with tin men and the girls with ruby slippers!

half term has arrived why not encourage your child to get involved and see what
you can come up with together.  

Love Candice x