Well, the past couple of weeks have been scorcher’s haven’t they!  34 degrees on Wednesday!  All we need is a pool and a glass of Pimms and we would be set for the Summer.  Make the most out of this glorious sunshine with our top tips on how to keep your family cool and entertained throughout the heat.

Whilst this weather is stunning, it is important to keep your children (and self!) hydrated and entertained – screen free!  We have scoured the web and come up with our favourite ways of staying chilled and having fun in the sun – read on to find out more.


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective – and this one is a corker!  All you need is water balloons, string, and a bat (or cardboard tube).  Fill a number of water balloons in varying colours and sizes and tie at child height from a tree.

Water Balloon Pinata

Provide your loved ones with a (child-friendly) weapon of choice, have the crowd stand back, and have your children, and likely your partner, take turns swinging at the balloons until they burst.


Kids love to explore, and most love to destroy things too!  Fuse these two passions together with an ice cube excavation. Simply fill a large ice cream tub or Tupperware box full of water, dyed with food colouring.  Add plastic toy dinosaurs, and sea animals.  To ensure the animals are spread evenly and don’t sink to the bottom, freeze the water in layers.  Pop in the freezer and wait until solid.

Ice Cube Excavation

If you have a garden, pop the frozen cube in an inflatable paddling pool (If not, place in the bath!) and provide your kids with plastic tools, they can start digging away at the animals inside. You can also introduce the idea of using warm water from the hose/tap to melt the ice slightly if things start to get frustrating!  This will keep them entertained for a while, and provide cool water to play in as the cube melts.


If you are a little more ambitious, this DIY Kiddie Car Wash from Mom Endeavors will light up their faces!  Just make sure you start making it before the heatwave is due to hit, so you don’t miss out on the good weather during construction.  To begin, you will need a range of materials, including PVC piping and joints, pool noodles, sponges, coloured table cloths and coloured rope.

The structure is created by assembling the pipes and joints accordingly, after which you drill holes throughout the frame to allow the water to squirt free.  Once you have holes and water working the whole way around your structure, it is time to decorate. Whilst this might look ambitious you can pick up the materials very cheaply, and it shouldn’t cost more than £25 to create.  You can find the full, very well explained guide here.


This is a great activity for children who love bugs, and a wonderful way to teach them a little about science and nature too!  To create a creepy crawly catcher (or pooter) you will need a clean jam jar (no labels), a drill, two bendy straws, blue tac, glue and gauze (or old tights). 

Pooter DIY

Drill two holes in the lid of your jam jar, and secure the straws (one full length, and one cut slightly shorter) into place, filling any gaps with blue tac. Cover the end of the shorter straw with a small piece of gauze or a cut off of an old pair of tights to ensure bugs don’t get in your children’s mouths!  Secure this material to the straw with an elastic band.  Screw the lid on tight, and voila!  

Time to explore.  Use the smaller straw with the gauze to suck, and aim the larger straw at bugs.  They will zoom into the jar, and allow your child to look at, and identify them.  Don’t forget to put insects back where you found them!


Now one for the more competitive child, and let’s be realistic, anyone with a sibling!  Water Cup Races! A game that will keep you cool, and improve your hand eye co-ordination.  To create this game, you will need string, scissors, plastic cups and water guns.

Cup Races

Cut a hole in the bottom of two plastic cups, and thread through long lengths of string. Tie either end to opposite sides of your garden, and pull taught.  Have the kids squirt at the cups with their waterguns, aiming for the inside.  The cups will zoom along the string to the finish line!

With activities this fun, it is only a matter of time before the grown ups join in!  Remember to apply sun cream, aim for shade during the hottest hours of the day, and keep cool with lots and lots of ice lollies.