Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blog where we bring you the very best in luxury children’s parties and more from our passionate team of children’s party stylists. In today’s entry we look towards a summer of sport and more specifically football as we give you our expert tips on how to create a wonderful football themed party of your little ones.

A feast of football is in store this summer for both young and old alike. The FA Cup takes place next weekend followed by the Champions League final and, of course, the World Cup! What better way than to celebrate this summer of soccer than hosting a football themed party for your children. As we say, start with your theme and pick out the colour scheme to go with it. Of course, knowing your child’s favourite football team can make this much easier but we say that classic colours of red, blue and white, not to mention rich greens and beautiful blacks to accentuate mean that colour coordinating a football themed party can be easier than other types.

Footy Food

Forget half time pies and cups of Bovril, a blow out football bash can be deliciously delightful. We know the pressure is on to provide healthy food but some sweet treats certainly are welcome. In our eyes, no party is complete with the ceremonial sweetie table where all the tasty treats are laid bare for hungry eyes, and later quick moving hands, to enjoy. For us it’s not just about having a sweetie table, we want a sweetie experiences that dazzle and delight. Let your imagination run wild and, coincidentally, the rounded corners of a football, the rectangular lines of a pitch can be a great source of inspiration for finger food and the overall theme of the table. Think healthy slices of pizza (wholemeal base) either decorated as mini football pitches or a whole pizza like a football itself. The trend for food on a stick continues and whistle shaped cookies, pillowy chocolate football donuts amongst others. Let the deep green of the pitch be your best friend as you set the table to capture the excitement of the big day.  We know that lots of mums like to make their own cake but if you are pressed for time there are amazing cake decorators out there who can help to take the pressure off by working to your ideas and vision to create a show stopping cake.

Football themed party ideas for children

Styling and Decoration

We simply love party styling and it offers a great chance to add a personal touch with little details that really elevate the overall scheme of the party. Balloons works well and are a great way to decorate the space. Alternating colours can be used to continue the football theme and even tied to the back of chairs by colour to separate your teams should you wish. Of course, the lunch table is the perfect space to add little trinkets and details that can really set your party apart. Personalised napkins, themed by team if you wish, cutlery, cups and plates are all opportunities to create an overarching theme and really make the difference in our eyes. If you are thinking of hosting mini games of football then scoreboards, lights and props can transport your guests into an immersive and engaging experience.


soccer themed party ideas for children


Sports themed parties are a great way to get your little ones onto their feet and be active whilst engaging them in exciting games. Dividing your guests into teams is a great way to create an exciting mini football tournament (space permitting) and the winners and participants can be rewarded with little trophies of medals. Inflatable goals and pitches are popular way to contain the action.

Whilst the main games take place there are plenty of ways to keep those waiting to play entertained. Football pinatas come in all shapes and sizes and offer a fabulous way to make sure that everyone is entertained at the party. Likewise, balloon football pop where two teams have to pop a certain amount of balloons the fastest may be noisy but it certainly is fun.

What tips do you have for football themed parties? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments. For more information on any of our party planning services, party styling or more contact our friendly teams via 020 8502 9988 and info@lesenfants.co.uk