Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blog where we showcase the very best from our children’s party planners and more. In today’s blog entry we spoke with Stuart Green of Fireworks Crazy on how to incorporate fireworks safely and elegantly into your children’s party celebrations. 

Children love nothing more than a good party. A party with good food, lots of exciting things to do, fun games to play with friends, and something magical to experience. And this magic could be fireworks!

Here’s how to incorporate fireworks into a children’s party.

Pick your style and use of fireworks

Fireworks are more versatile than many people realise. You can always use them in the traditional way and just create a fireworks display. This is a classic, fun way to enjoy fireworks. Not to mention you have plenty of fireworks to choose from. Rockets, Catherine wheels, fountains and cakes will all add something different to a firework display.

Displays can be organised at different times. You could have a big display right before the big party meal or right after the kids have eaten. The display could also act as the grand finale to your party!

But there are also other ways to utilise different types of fireworks. Sparklers could be included on top of birthday cakes or in party drinks. Some children will also be able to wave them in the air, adding another exciting element to having fireworks at your party.

There are other types of indoor fireworks to use as well. These can be a good backup for when the weather is bad and you can’t have a display outside. Indoor fireworks can be the entertainment and the wow-factor when setting up the buffet or a way to get the kids to calm down and sit still for a bit after a big party game or activity.

Decide if you want to do it yourself or hire a professional

In terms of creating a fireworks display, you can either do it yourself or hire a professional display group to take care of it all. It all depends on your experience with fireworks and the party budget. Professional firework displays don’t necessarily cost that much more, especially when you consider the extra effort you have to put into planning with DIY fireworks.

If you don’t have any experience with fireworks but you still want to sort them out yourself, ask for tips from your party planner or the fireworks retailer. They can direct you to more information and give you tips to guarantee you stay safe and create magic with your display.

Keep it fun and quiet

While the excitement is undeniable, fireworks can also sometimes seem slightly overwhelming to children, especially smaller ones. The good news is that you can enjoy the colours, effects and magic without the loud noises. Low-noise fireworks are a wonderful option for children’s parties because it brings all the fun elements of fireworks without the scary bit.

Whether you do have low-noise fireworks or regular fireworks, always let the children know in advance what’s about to happen. This helps keep everyone safe and happy while enjoying the fireworks.

Match fireworks to your party’s theme colours

Fireworks add plenty of magic to a children’s party but they aren’t just a standalone entertainment option. You can truly incorporate them into your party by matching the fireworks with your theme colours. For example, pick blue and silver fireworks to match your nautical children’s party. Opt for bright orange and red for a Halloween-theme and so on. It makes your party fireworks look that extra bit special and really make them feel included in the party festivities.

Incorporating fireworks into a children’s party is a good idea. Children love the bright colours and massive, loud effects – and if you want something different, you can even find low-noise fireworks.

If you want to add an extra bit of magic to your party, consider bringing out the fireworks!