We are often asked to recommend fantastic and beautiful gifts for children of all ages.  There are a lot of wonderful kids boutiques in London, and a great range of websites online, where you can find presents that will both entertain your children, and look beautiful in your home.

OEUF NYC – Broccoli Pillow

Oeuf NYC is a big favourite here at Les Enfants.  We love the companies whimsical and playful approach to knitwear, and their pillows and toys often feature very highly on our wish lists! We LOVE this broccoli pillow. There is something beautifully ironic about having a broccoli pillow in a children’s bedroom. Hilarious and genius.

Oeuf NYC Pillow

Oeuf also sell a gorgeous range of baby and children’s wear, from adorable knitted crowns, to bunny eared cardigans.  You can check out their entire range here on the website.

LITTLE LOVELAND – Enchanted Creatures Necklace

Let’s not kid ourselves – it doesn’t matter how much you spend on your little girl’s dresses – she is going to find that sparkly Frozen t-shirt you hid at the back of the wardrobe.  The trick is to find pieces that appeal to your sense of style, and are just as magical for her too!  And here we have just the ticket.

Little Loveland Necklace

This beautifully kitsch Pegasus necklace by Little Loveland will go down a treat, and look fantastic with a huge variety of outfits, wether they are casual or smart.  Not an Anna or an Elsa in sight, but just enough sparkle, magic and pom poms to keep both of you happy.

OLIVE LOVES ALFIE – Retro Iron On Patches

As you might know from our previous blog posts, we are huge fans of Olive Loves Alfie.  These retro iron on patches have real nostalgic value for us, and we think they would look fab on a denim jacket!  Give your child a gift they will really treasure, a project the two of you can work on together.

Olive Loves Alfie Retro Patc

You could pick out the letters for your child’s name, or even spell out the name of their favourite band or food!  This is going to go down wonderfully with older children, particularly those interested in arts and fashion, and gives you the gift of creative time together too!

ATSUYO ET AKIKO – Jess Brown Doll

For younger children who love dolls and soft toys, we adore the Jess Brown Dolls by Atsuyo at Akiko. These would look fab anywhere, in a child’s arms, a pram, on a sofa, or even just thrown on the floor.  They are that chic.

ScandiMini Press Day

The dolls are made from cotton, gauze and muslin, and come in three incredibly fashionable varieties.  We actually quite like the trio together.  You can’t seperate sisters!  The designers also have a wonderful range of witty t-shirts and gorgeous dresses too, check them out here.

DOLCE & GABBANA – Gold Shift Dress

Occasionally we see a piece by a designer that just shouts luxury!  How stunning is this gold shift dress by Dolce and Gabbana?  Again, a perfect example of beautiful embellishments that will keep your little one happy, but look absolutely stunning at the same time.

Dolce and Gabbana Dress

Granted, this piece is not for anyone on a budget.  It is at the tip top of our list in pricing, but just look at those mirrors and tassels.  A girl can dream.  Take a look at this stunning dress, and lots of other beautiful garments on Children Salon.

FENDI – Light Bulb Bow Tie

Is your little boy looking to be a little gentleman?  Treat him to this gorgeously kooky light bulb bow tie by Fendi.  We love this brightly coloured, fun print, and think this tie would look fantastic with a crisp white shirt.

Fendi Bow Tie

This is the perfect finishing touch for an occasional outfit, and will keep your little boy, or girl, looking smart, but great fun too.  There are a range of great bow ties here at Children Salon.

JOHN MONCRIEFF – Memory Balloon Light

You might have guessed as party planners we are pretty big on balloons.  When we found this light we immediately fell in love.  Such a simple and wonderful concept, executed perfectly by Scottish lighting company Jon Moncrieff.

Balloon Light

We love how the company has arranged a number of these lights together, as if they had all floated naturally up to the ceiling.  Moncrieff also create beautiful wall mounted balloon lights that you could create a step up display with, finishing with one of these gorgeous creations on the ceiling.

PAPER UNICORN – Watermelon Skittles

Sometimes the best toys are the traditional ones – particularly when it is sunny outside!  In a world of video games and iPads, there is something very special and nostalgic about wooden toys, like these gorgeous watermelon skittles by fantastic company Paper Unicorn.

Watermelon Skittles

The company also have a range of stunning geometrically decorated building blocks and beautiful organic wooden teethers too.  Check out their store here on Not On The High Street.

SEW HEART FELT – Odette Swan

This beautiful felt swan wall piece is hand made and shaped from organic wool.  With a powder pink crown, and tiny golden bells, Odette will sit beautifully in your child’s bedroom.  Sew Heart Felt offer a range of gorgeous decorations, including a stunning Indian elephant, a rainbow sheep and a fox wearing a monocle.

ScandiMini Press Day

We love the idea of buying three different animal heads from Sew Heart Felt, and arranging them on different points on the wall, almost like a little fluffy menagerie!  This would work particularly well in a corridor too.

CHAPTER TWO – Balmoral Gold Boots

Again, Chapter Two are a Les Enfants favourite.  Their range of stunning, hand made shoes really are tip top, and are as creative and beautiful as they are well made.  This gold pair of boots would look beautiful with a pair of turned up jeans on a little boy, or, for an evening look, would look stunning with a tulle skirt on a little girl.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 14.16.04

These shoes are made with children in mind, and feature a rubber cloud on the sole to stop kids from slipping around.  The finer details really show through, as you notice a mixture of raindrops, lightning strikes and stars have been lovingly hand tooled onto the soles making each pair unique.  Take a look at the whole range on the website.

So there you have it.  Lots of lovely pressies from toys to clothes that are completely fresh, fantastic quality, and will be loved for years by your child, and you!

Author – Hannah Coates