Happy Independence Day 

It’s July 4th which means our friends across the pond will be celebrating Independence Day today. Traditionally, in the US, Independence Day is marked by fireworks, parades, BBQs and a general carnival atmosphere. You’ve got to hand it to those guys, they sure know how to party.

It got us thinking about themes for our own parties this side of the Atlantic. Whilst you might not be hosting your own Independence Day party, an American theme can look great for any kind of celebration.

You could choose to have a general American theme, with flags, cupcakes and balloons to really set off the red, white and blue colour scheme. Or perhaps you’d like to add some American traditions to your stars and stripes style party? Girls could have a cheer-leading party complete with pom-poms, and activities can include making up a cheer especially for the birthday girl. 
Boys meanwhile could have a an American football themed party, learning how to play the game, while dressed in all the gear, of course. 

When we started thinking about hosting an all-American party, out mouths were watering when we thought about what food we could eat. No American-themed party would be complete without burgers and chips, or should we say ‘fries’… If you don’t fancy burgers you could try hot dogs or chicken wings to keep to the theme.

For dessert you could have smores, where traditionally, marshmallows are sandwiched between chocolate biscuits and roasted on a fire, to create a gooey, sticky, tasty treat. An American delicacy, or so we hear. And to wash it all down? We suggest cream soda and root beer, naturally. 

Don’t forget to put Miley Cyrus, ‘Party in the USA’ and One Direction’s ‘Kids in America’ on the speakers to set the mood.

Happy Independence Day everybody! 

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