I thought we would fiinish the week with some ideas for games at your fairy party.  Alot of traditional games, like pass the parcel or musical statues work well with a little imagination in renaming them to fit your fairy theme.  Perhaps your fairy guests could play Fairy Freeze instead of Musical Statues. Another twist on an old idea is ‘Pin The Star On The Fairy’ with the blindfolded guests trying to pin the star on the fairy’s wand. 
Although as we move in to cooler days here in the UK, if the weather permits there are a few games you could play in the garden.  My children love playing Duck, Duck, Goose but for a fairy party this could be Fairy, Fairy, Troll.  Children sit in a circle and one person taps the other guests on the shoulder while saying “Fairy”.  When they say “Troll” they must run around the circle trying to occupy the spot where the Troll was sitting before being tagged by the Troll. Have the players flutter their arms as if they are flying.
A lovely idea for a fairy party activity
As a parent I have often struggled to have the party tea set out whilst still amusing the party guests, but have found that a treasure hunt or colouring activities can help occupy the children, even the younger guests, whilst you have a few minutes to get everything organised ready to feed the hungry children.  There are some great colouring pages to download and print at home and as long as you avoid felt pens, nobody’s costume, carpet or furniture is likely to ruined!  A treasure hunt might simply be searching for images of fairies, maybe every guest has to collect 6 fairy images to complete a set, these could even be colouring pages that they could then start or take home. 
Parties can become quite overwhelming for small children and older ones too, so it’s always good to have quieter games to play aswell.  Maybe a game of ‘Fairy Whisphers’ instead of Chinese Whisphers could be played whilst children sit and calm down.  A game of  ‘Fairy Tales’ with one guest starting with a traditional fairy tale and the children then take turns to add a a couple of lines to the story is a great way for allowing children to use their imaginations.
Just remember to have fun in planning the games and I am sure the children will love playing them!

Have a fantastic weekend,