Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blog where we offer exclusive behind the scenes into our luxury children’s parties and the Les Enfants’ world. In this week’s post our party stylists offer their top tips for creating a beautiful Easter themed children’s party.

What makes and Easter party particularly great is that the theme works both for little boys and little girls and is always a joyous occasion. As we move from winter into Spring, Easter is a true celebration of the changing of the seasons and of birth. Whilst the religious meaning is clear, an Easter themed party does not have to have a religious tone, after all who doesn’t love chocolate eggs and a memorable party? Likewise, a birthday at this time of year can be nicely tied into an Easter themed party or the party can be had, well, just as a party!

We have divided our top tips into easy to digest parts to help you find your inspiration to create a magical children’s party of your own. Without further ado here are our top tips for creating an Easter party for children.

Colour Schemes

Easter themed decoration for children's party

Easter is positively bursting with beautiful warm colours that compliment each other and create a beautiful theme that can be built upon and tailored to your little ones. The traditional yellows and greens make the obvious choice and are the timeless two matching colours that are commonly associated with Easter. Whites, eggshell blue and soft pastel pinks make wonderful counterpoints the the strong yellow and green colours. Building out the colour scheme of the party could go something like this:

White – the main colour of table cloths / sweetie tables

Yellow / Green – chair decoration

Pink /  Blue – personalise the table layout

Food Glorious Food

Easter food ideas for children's partyNow Easter isn’t exactly known for being the healthiest food during the year! Chocolate eggs abound and we see no reason not to have them as part of the sweetie table for a children’s Easter party. Whatsmore, instead of the usual goodie bag why not give each guest a chocolate egg with their name on it in their own Easter basket to take home? Cupcakes, of course are welcome, and the decoration of the individual cakes could happily fit in with the theme of the party: think rabbits, mini eggs, icing carrots and fluffy chicks. Savoury food ought to be light and delicious – fresh and clean tastes that can be easily devoured by hungry children. HELP!!


Easter is a veritable treasure trove of games to play! The classic Easter egg hunt certainly must be top of the list when considering what games to organise. What we love about Easter themed parties is that it really lends itself to games. An egg and spoon race, Easter egg decorating, Egg bowling and egg hop relay races are all excellent activities and entertainment that strike a balance between being creative as well as active.


What makes creating a decor at an Easter themed party great is that we all know the classic imagery and themes to include. Much like the traditional yellow, white and green styling a children’s party at Easter has a certain formula. Wicker baskets, little bunnies, carrots, eggs and fluffy chicks. These classic symbols of Easter are easy to include and even easier to get right. Remember, strive for balance and harmony and stick to the basics, with expert touches of course, and your decor will look downright fabulous.