We have all been there, once you have hung the fairy lights, sprinkled confetti across the table, and blown up all of the balloons, it seems a real shame to pull it all down after your party wraps up.

Here is a gorgeous list of DIY decorations that you, and the kids, can proudly keep up all year long, ranging from neon dinosaur garlands to spotted paper lanterns.

Spotted Paper Lanterns

We adore these gorgeous paper lanterns from stylist Felicity Chuter, who decorated and hung them for her daughter’s birthday party.  This is such a simple, yet effective idea, and will only put you back the price of a sharpie and the lanterns themselves which will hardly burn the bank at under £20.

Spotted Paper Lanterns

To create this tower of lanterns, simply decorate each light shade by scribbling on large, uneven black dots.  The charm of this DIY is that your kids can join in, and it will look just as effective!  Simply tie each lantern to the next using fishing wire (be careful not to tie too close to the bulb, as the wire will melt), and voila!  A modern, minimalist centrepiece.

After your party, simply cut the lanterns apart from each other, and use the shades in different rooms.

Neon Animal Garlands

Now, admittedly we are very partial to a little neon, but this neon dinosaur garland from DesignForMankind is something else entirely!  Perfect for a girls, or boys birthday party, and even more perfect to keep up all year round, all you will need to create this whimsical piece is plastic dinosaurs, spray paint, screw eye bolts and string.

Dino Garland

Begin by laying down sheets of newspaper in a well ventilated area.  Use white spray paint to give your dinosaurs an even base.  Once this is dry (give it an hour to be safe), spray each dinosaur with neon spray paint.  You can find a range of great colours at home stores such as B&Q.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with techniques, such as using masking tape to block off areas, or creating a gentle ombre effect by only spraying half of the body.

Once your dinosaurs are completely dry, screw in your eye bolts.  Thread each dinosaur onto a piece of brown string, tie off to ensure they stay in place, and you are ready to party!

Giant Paper Dahlias

The trend for paper flowers is still going strong, and although they look complex, they really are quite simple to create.  These gorgeous paper dahlias are some of the most basic, and just require a little time, paper and sticky tape.  To begin, start with 7 pieces of coloured paper, a cardboard cake base circle, double sided tape and scissors.

Paper Flowers

Cut the paper into 60 x 4-inch squares. To create your cones, cut a strip of double-sided tape on the side of each square. Bring the opposite corner about halfway across the square and secure the taped side atop the opposite corner. Repeat with remaining paper squares.

Once the cones are complete, it’s time to assemble the flower. Start by flattening the bottom inch of the cone with your fingers. Apply a layer of double-sided tape to the outside of the cardboard circle. Place the cones on the tape about a finger-width apart. Add more tape inside the first ring of cones and nestle the second layer of cones in between the first layer. Repeat until you reach the centre of the cardboard circle.  You can attach your lightweight flower to your wall using removable adhesive strips.

Mini Dinosaur Balloons

Now I know we have already included one dinosaur project on here, but can you ever really have too many dinosaurs? Who could say no you these gorgeous Mini Dino Balloons from Oh Happy Day?

Mini Dino Balloons

These stunning little critters are made from card, mini balloons and a jumbo balloon stick.  To begin print and cut out your templates from Oh Happy Day.  Inflate the balloon that matches your cardstock, and you can begin.  To create a T-Rex, fold back along the dotted line on your printable for the head and tail pieces. These tabs will be where you attach the head and tail to the balloon.

Next, using a low temperature hot glue gun, stick one arm to one side of the balloon, repeat with another arm. The balloon should be sandwiched between the legs. Repeat with the leg pieces.  Finally, attach a balloon stick by hot gluing the balloon cup to the bottom of the balloon. Discover how to create the Stegosaurus and the Triceratops right here.

Clay Words

One more from Oh Happy Day, as they have such fantastic ideas it would be a crime not to share!  These clay words are so simple, and look just like their expensive neon light counterparts.

Clay Words

To create these gorgeous wall hangings, you will need Sculpey (polymer clay), wax paper, a scalpel, an oven and acrylic paint.  Start by deciding exactly what you would like to write, and planning out your text on your paper.  Roll out your clay on a clean surface and shape it to the text onto your paper.  Use your scalpel to make sharper curves, and finish the texture of the words by smoothing the surface with your fingers.

Bake the finished script for the amount of time shown on your Sculpey package, and when finished remove from heat and allow to completely cool.  Paint your text with acrylic paint  for a little extra colour, or go a step further, and use glow in the dark paint for a really special finish.

As you can see, all of these ideas are tasteful and will stay up in your house for far longer than your kids’ party will last.  The only thing we suggest is that you pre warn your children (and yourself) that their gorgeous inflatable dinosaurs will indeed suffer from extinction after a few days.  We are sure that your left over birthday cake will help cheer you all up!