Good morning, can you believe it is now only eight days until our children can start the proper countdown to Christmas?  We have a tradition in our house to make an advent calendar and we try something different every year.  This year we are inspired by the Maileg calendar with little stockings, bags & envelopes and with the help of my daughters I hope to make our own version.
There are some fabulous advent calendars available that are a far cry from the licensed character ones filled with horrid chocolate.  Many you can fill yourself with little treats for your children, so I would make sure you buy yummy chocolates and treats incase you need a little advent treat too!
Personalised Christmas Advent Calendar from Tillie Mint
Advent Calendar from Dots & Spots
Advent Calendar Peg Rail from Folly & Glee
Advent Village from The Contemporary Home
Perhaps you would like to have a try at making your own advent calendar but prefer a kit or maybe your children love colouring, so would love the advent calendar from Usbourne.
Make Your Own Advent Calendar from Buttonbag at John Lewis
Advent Calendar to Colour at John Lewis
Maybe this year you would like to try making your own advent calendar?   Several matchboxes decorated with pretty paper or painted each with their own number makes a good advent calendar.  Or try making your own crackers using cardboard tubes wrapped in crepe or wrapping paper, numbered 1-24 and neatly crisscrossed to make a small stack.  Another idea is to make a twenty four little stockings, from felt or fabric, numbered 1-24 and hung from a line of bakers twine.   Here are a few more ideas for you to try!
Baby sock advent calendar from Martha Stewart
Stocking Advent Calendar from Canadian Living
Papercone Advent Calendar from Hi Sugarplum
I would love to know if you make your own advent calendars just like I do with my children.  Let me know in the comments below! Also if you try any of the ideas to make your own please share some photos with us via email or on our Facebook page.
Have a lovely day,