Roll up, roll up and welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blogs where we bring you the very best from our children’s party planners. In today’s blog we enter the magical world of the circus and explore one of our recent luxury parties. This special party allowed us to play the ringmaster and put together a spectacular party that excited both young and old who attended. From the animals to the acrobatics, Circus themed parties are particularly fun as they allow you to really explore your creativity and involve many different elements.

We’ve chosen a few stand out moments from the party to offer you inspiration when creating your very own circus themed party.


Befitting of a Circus themed party we created an overall design that echos the glamour and excitement of the big top. We started with bright colours that would capture the excitement of the occasion and of course the traditional red and white stripes. Oranges, reds and yellow as well as greens all featured throughout the design – form the cutlery on the dinner table, the balloons and food. Stripes, bright colours,

Cakes and Catering

On to one of our favourite parts of any party, the food! As always, our party stylists became the ring masters and transformed the food and venue into a circus themed feast. Personalised chocolate bars, red and whites striped candies, coloured sweetie jars and popsicles all in beautiful bright colours adorned the sweetie table. We chose to carry on the theme of the party through clean lines that created a harmonious and bright feeling. Individual popcorn boxes and star shaped cupcakes, with circus themed big top cookies all happily sat amongst the sweet treats. The crowning glory of any sweetie table is the cake and our circus themed cake was no exception. A beautiful circus top cake with handmade animals sat on a clean white base decorated with bright ribbons that gloriously added to the themed and table.

Little Touches

We believe that it’s those magical little touches that really add the wow factor to our parties. We created personalised signs that appeared across the sweetie table, on the individual popcorn boxes and on the dinner table. Toy bears and elephants all joyfully mixed in with the cutlery and sweeties adding another layer of detail and excitement. Bears, personalised signs, elephants and animals on the dining table.


circus tableBut where to enjoy all the delicious food? The party table of course! We wanted to use the table as a point of difference and to create harmony by offsetting the bright colours of the room. We chose a basic, plain and clean white colour scheme that was punctuated by bright bursts of colour, a subtle nod to the overall theme. Bright cutlery, place names and individual stripes ran through the table with little toy animals hiding amongst the decorations.

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