This week is National Chidlrens Book Week so I thought for the whole week we would have a look at using childrens favourite books and characters as party inspiration.  The adorable characters created by Lauren Child, Charlie & Lola, are very popular in my house.  My daughters have all the books, Charlie & Lola wall stickers, games and DVDs, but it is the books that are still our favourite and our best!  I remember when my eldest daughter turned six, now four years ago, we had a Charlie & Lola party, with tableware from Party Pieces and a cake with green icing for grass and ladybirds and butterflies made from fondant icing sat on the top.  These two loveable characters offer alot of party inspiration, whether you use plates featuring them or adapt your own ideas.

Lola loves dressing up, butterflies and pink milk.  Charlie loves BatCat, football and pink milk.  So I think it is safe to say pink milk must feature in this theme and dressing up is also a good start in planning your ideas.  I seem to remember giant games of snakes and ladders in one story and I love the title sequence for the Charlie & Lola series with the super swirly straw filled with pink milk.  Perhaps you may be brave enough to try creating your own giant snakes and ladders but you could replace snakes with giant pink milk straws.  Another fun game is to have a game of blow football, using stripy paper straws that can then be used by your guests to drink their pink milk. 
By taking elements of the Charlie and Lola stories you can add little details to your party.  The bithday cake maybe a butterfly or you could serve small butterfly cakes, the colour scheme maybe pink or you may just have a dressing up party allowing your childs friends to have as much fun as Lola would at a dressing up party. 
Just remember by using a book or book character as a theme does not mean you have to stick to the book completly. Let your imagination take elements of the stories and enjoy finding ways to use these ideas to embellish your childs favourite story to make a fantastic party.
Have fun!