Now, we all know children love and are drawn to the very things they are not supposed to be – sugar, tattoos, and endless, endless piles of Frozen merchandise, soon to be replaced by mounds of Moana goods.  Here at Les Enfants, we have the tattoo thing covered.

A growing trend in party entertainment is a temporary tattoo station, where kids can be inked with glitter, henna or tattoo transfers. There are countless options, and many temporary tattoo artists who are available to hire.  However, with a little help from one of our favourite brands, Tattly, you can set up your very own body art station, and create fake tattoos that kids and adults will adore.

Tattly Tattoo

Tired of putting cheap looking and poorly designed temporary tattoos on her daughter’s arms, founder Tina Roth Eisenberg decided to take matters into her own hands.  After getting together a team of renowned artists and designers, team members, and executing extensive research into what a fake tattoo is actually made up of, Tattly began, and started moving at full force.  

In 2011, the tattoo transfer company launched online and began to sell an incredible range of tattoos, designed by an all star line up of artists.  The company now receives thousands of orders from all across the globe, and after a look at their extensive catalog, it is pretty easy to see why.

Tattly Tattoo

These tattoos aren’t just for kids!  If you are as indecisive as we are, but quite fancy the idea of some body art, you are likely to find yourself drawn to their designs too.  

With beautifully delicate watercolour flowers, vintage watches and sharp geometric designs, you might even start wishing these tattoos were a little more permanent!  In the words of Tattly’s founder “We believe that, whether for a child or an adult, every Tattly should come with a smile”.

Tattly Tattoo

Some of our favourites here at Les Enfants include these incredible scented herbal tattoos, (whilst on the topic, why can’t real tattoos be scented!), this stunning art deco crowd of ladies and this gorgeous watercolour purple orchid. 

And that’s just for us adults!  There is also a spectacular kids section, with designs from popular illustrated books including The Very Hungry Caterpillar , and full sets from Sesame Street and for large parties, Super Sets, featuring over 100 designs.

Tattly Tattoo

To create your tattoo station, we reccomend setting up a table, with bowls of luke warm water, sponges and a dustbin nearby.  You will need a couple of chairs, and it can also help to have a ‘Tattoo Menu’ board, where children can see what designs are available, and pick which they would like.  

Decorate your table with tattoo themed props, such as anchors, fake birds and flowers.  Don’t forget to leave space around the table for a queue, you will likely be very popular, and think about hiring a couple of extra pairs of hands to help, so you can transfer a number of children’s tattoos at once.

Tattoo Station

You can see, with Tattly, creating a boutique, pop – up tattoo station is easy, and will keep both kids and adults very pleased!  Just be warned, your station will be popular, kids will want countless different designs, and you may need to order more tattoos that you would initially consider.  These babies sell like hot cakes.