To celebrate the return of the gorgeous and glorious sunshine, we have decided to welcome the week in with a Brands we LOVE post, and where else to start, but with the new collection from Little Wardrobe.

If you are looking for beautiful party dresses or dapper suits Little Wardrobe London is the place to start.  The brand is very proudly British, and it’s wonderful founder Ayesha Mirza, is based in London.  

Little Wardrobe London

Ayesha explains,“My ambition was to create a brand that was genuinely British, which meant not only British design and influence, but we also had to be British made. I spent a long time building up a dependable network of contacts, as well as collaborating with like-minded people who shared my passion and vision.”

Her attention to detail has meant that the garments are made to a very high standard, and collections are finished with stunning satin labels, frothy tulle, smart check print and sparkling sequins.  The brand recently released their new SS17 collection, and boy were we thrilled!

Little Wardrobe London Fox

We have so many favourites in the new collection it is difficult to keep track!  Where do you start when the season is studded with gems like their silk and linen mix herringbone tailored jacket, or this dazzling shiny glitter top and skirt duo. Their new campaign imagery is full of fantasy, with children sat on clouds, leaping from mirrors, or grasping larger than life flowers.

Ayesha explains that this SS17 collection was inspired by the hazy memories of childhood’s endless summers, where all rules are abandoned and imagination leaps to life.

Little Wardrobe London

“This season sees our children embrace laid back elegance in our slouchy tweeds and simple shirts, creating effortless sophistication. There are also simple silhouettes, with powder soft tones, which encapsulate the idyllic spirit of summer. The mood is enchanting, light and dream like.”

Of course, as always, each garment is treated with the utmost care and finished with the brand’s signature silver key.  The company itself was inspired by CS Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and the concept of opening the door to another world.  

Little Wardrobe London

You can really appreciate these fantasy roots, particularly in the SS17 collection, which, like all of its predecessors, delivers beautiful garments that your children will adore.  Find the new SS17 collection, and more on the Little Wardrobe London website.

All photography by Dani Geddes