Wether you and your kids are in Camp Mermaid or Camp Unicorn this year, we can all agree there are two themes that are currently very, very popular on the party scene.  Our scaly-tailed, and twirly horned friends have swum, and trotted onto the scene, and are swishing away Frozen parties at record speed.

If you are one of our lovely regular readers you will know we have already explored All Things Unicorn, so it only felt fair for us to dive under the sea!  Read on to discover top party planner tips on how to throw an amazing mermaid inspired party.

The Mermaid Pool Party

Everyone knows Mermaids need water!  The sun is finally shining *at the time we wrote this post(!) – what better way to celebrate than throwing a Mermaid Pool Party.  Simply fill an inflatable pool in your back garden with water and throw in sparkling, fizzing bath bombs from retailers such as Lush, for a wonderful marbled effect.

Stick to blues, teals, greens and purples for a mermaid vibe, and even consider throwing in some extra large glitter too! The kids will adore it, come out smelling fresh, and the water will look incredible.  Just be sure to warn parents before hand, as bath bombs can irritate very sensitive skin, and darker dyes may stain swimsuits!  You could take the mermaid theme even further by purchasing floating shell drinks floats, or this amazing shell pool lilo!

Shells, Shells, and More Shells

Whilst on the topic of shells, there really is no other accessory!  Shells for hair, shells for tables, shell shaped cookies, it can all be done fantastically.  One of our favourite bakers, Cakes By Robin, create these delicious, glittery sugar cookies, in a whole host of colours.

Cakes By Robin

In this delicious chest you can also see her Oyster macarons, teal macaron shells, each adorned with a sugar pearl.  A simple, but beautiful creation that will go down swimmingly.  Robin creates a host of wonderful birthday cakes in addition to this wonderful confectionary, make sure to check out her website to discover more.

A Mermaid Themed Cake

There are so many options for a mermaid inspired cake, you could design a Peter Pan style mermaid lagoon, an underwater tresure chest or even a Mermaid tale!  Our favourite designs often take the inspiration a little less literally, and add a gentle mermaid vibe through wonderful details, such as delicate palette scales, brown sugar sand and clever colour combinations. We just love these rainbow cupcakes, adorned with sprinkles and sparkling mermaid tail toppers by Cake Mamas. These look absolutely delicious, and would not last long in little ones hands!

Mermaid Cupcake

You can create your very own tail toppers using fondant, a piping head, cocktail sticks, and edible glitter.  Start by cutting a tail shape from your fondant, feel free to use a printed template if not confident!  Create a scale effect by gently pressing half of your standard piping head across the tail’s body, and add lines to the fins for detail.  Finally, brush on edible glitter, insert two cocktail sticks, and add to your cake!

Don’t Forget Balloons!

Every birthday party needs balloons, and although Mermaids live under the sea, and not up in the air, they are no different!  Think creatively about how you can inco-operate your theme into clever colour schemes, and try adding floruishes like pearl streamer tails to really create an under-the-sea feel.  We adore this sweetie table by Opulenticity in Australia.

Mermaid Table

We also love using clear balloons in a variety of sizes to create the illusion of bubbles.  For a neat party game, fill a small paddling pool with clear, blue and green balloons (not helium filled!) and throw in gold coins and other trinkets.  Let the children loose and see if they can find all of the sunken treasure!

Shell Tiaras and Crowns

As a final memoir of your party, and if you, or your party planner have some time on your hands, consider creating these stunning shell tiaras and crowns.  Simply take cheap, silver plastic crowns, and using a glue gun, add shells, starfish, gems and pearl garlands.  Now, granted, they may not come out quite as spectacularly as Chelsea’s Flower Crowns, but she serves as excellent inspiration!

Mermaid Crown

Think about the height and shape of your shells, and aim to use taller ones in the centre of the crown, tapering away with smaller options.  You can pick up craft shells and other supplies easily here on Amazon.  For a far more simple parting gift, try spray painting devil’s forks silver and teal, sprinkle with glitter, and voila!  Tridents for all!

With all of those ideas we think the only thing to do is to plan a Mermaid Party for this week, and a Unicorn Festival for next! There is no excuse, and no shortage of glitter!