Welcome back to the les Enfants Parties blogs where we showcase our bespoke children’s parties and party styling. Now, if you are like us with little ones you will know that a vast amount of their time can often be spent playing computer games. One, in particular, has seemingly caught the imagination of children, and adults, across the World: Fortnite. This immensely popular game has an active user base of a whopping 40 million players and has certainly become, if not it’s on its way, to becoming a cultural phenomenon. In today’s blog entry we are proud to present our ‘Ultimate Fortnite Party’.



Bright colours, catchy dances, cartoon graphics, Fortnite has it all. What makes Fortnite a great choice for a themed party is quite simply the huge amount of individual elements within the game that can be used to add those awesome details and little touches. So, all aboard the battle bus for our Fortnite themed children’s party.

We start with our custom made sweetie table that held aloft a dazzling array of treats inspired by the game. The table itself was covered in fake grass, the bright, neon green mimicking the bright graphics of the game. Our friends over at Cakes on Legs created the stunning cupcakes that featured items within the game.

Hand sculpted piles of wood (famous for the building mechanic of the game) marzipan medpacks, plump red (ible) bricks and more were the go to choice of topping for the beautiful cupcakes. Whatsmore, the infamous pinata lama made an appearance in the form of handmade signs and stickers that were placed in and around the sweet treats. Medkit chocolate bars, complete with bespoke customised wrappers, battlebus signs, Vbuck tokens, treasure chests and coloured m and ms in their own Fortnite themed jars all decorated the sweetie table to beautiful effect.

We kept the balloons straight on theme with a bespoke vbuck design. We chose to use bright yellow with the purple of the game to create a bright and lively style to the party that perfectly complimented the colours and textures of the sweetie table and sweets themselves.

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