Welcome back to the Les Enfants blog where we bring you the very best in luxury children’s parties and more. In today’s blog entry we share a very special party that is truly one of a kind, much like the man who inspired it, who is this mystery figure who ask? If we were being rude we would tell you to beat it, a bit of a thriller to hear that we know, ultimately, you are not alone in wondering who this person is.

If you haven’t guessed it then we give you our King of Pop, Michael Jackson themed party! That’s right our team of party stylists drew inspiration from the man himself and created a wonderful party based on MJ.Michael Jackson Stage

We set the sage, quite literally and figuratively, and created a dance floor and backdrop worthy of the great showman. The eye-catching centerpiece to the room, the custom designed dance floor featured glowing flooring (vibrant blue and green) that got both young and old tapping their feet and pulling out their best moves. To compliment the dancefloor, we created a one of a kind sign with birthday boy Alexander’s name and a leaping Michael Jackson crowned with alternating black and white balloons (see what we did there?!).


mj googie bagDetailing and styling is one of our favourite things, and top tips, to make our parties even more special. Each guest was given a special VIP pass that were proudly worn around the young party goers necks and featured a custom designed lanyard with the name of the party attendee on the pass itself.In addition to the VIP passes, we created fetching drawstring goodie bags that featured the iconic poses of Jackson’s most famous dances created from custom designed stencils. Inside the bags were themed gifts and presents befitting of this young super fan’s 6th Birthday.


What could be more MJ than the entertainment at the party? A convincing impersonator brought the venue to its feet and blasted out the classic hits for all in attendance. A dance competition, don’t worry we didn’t enter, as well as MJ themed games delighted the guest and parents.

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