Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blog where we showcase the very best from our children’s party stylists and luxury children’s parties. In today’s blog we find a princess for our prince and dive into the swamp with our Shrek themed party.

One of the biggest animated film franchises of all time was given the Les Enfants special touch and used as the theme for a fabulous birthday party. The much beloved series was the inspiration as our stylists set about changing the venue from South-West London into a swamptastic place. We focus on three elements that we combined to create this beautiful birthday party below.

Colour Scheme

Shrek is a brilliant idea for a party and offers such a great choice of colours when theming a venue. The iconic green of the loveable ogre formed the principal colour choice with the central bright green being offset and complemented by lighter tones and shades of the same colour. Deep and light browns, a nod to the swamp dweller, both appeared and added additional tonal contrast to the wealth of greens. The green and brown colours were not only featured in the balloons but also formed the colour choice for the sweetie and dining table. Texture was added through tree trunks cut into wood mats and fake grass added extra detail to the dining table.





Shrek themed party ideasBalloons are always a welcome addition to any party and our Shrek party was no exception. A balloon halo greeted the tiny guests as they arrived and transported them into the world of Donkey, Fiona and Shrek. Handmade balloon Shrek faces poked out of the arch and eagerly watched the proceedings unfold.  Each chair on the dining table was given its own hand tied balloon and the alternating colours added structure to the overall design of the space.





Sweetie Table and Dining Table

When you’re having so much fun it can be hard to remember to eat but our inviting dining and sweetie made sure the food was as exciting as the party itself. We carried the colour scheme through to the table with a light brown table cloth that was punctuated both in colour and texture by artificial grass; a nod to the swamp of course. Green plates, cutlery and glasses celebrated the world of the famously ugly ogre. The sweetie table was crowned by figures of the characters, a stunning castle cake and little plants that added that magical touch. Like our Shrek themed party? How would you create your own one? Leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts!