Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blog where we explore the world of luxury children’s partiesbespoke party styling and more. In today’s blog post we excitedly look forward to the Royal Wedding this weekend and explore our ultimate ideas for a Royal Wedding creche.

The 19th of May sees Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. The wonderful occasion will be celebrated as royalty, celebrities, politicians, friends and family descend upon Windsor for this memorable and magical day. Our party stylists sat down and thought about how we would create the ultimate wedding creche fit for a royal wedding.


Like with all couples when planning a wedding the question always arises, ‘Should we let our guests bring their children?’ Indeed, the question probably takes on a different meaning when your brother and his son are future Kings but the idea remains the same. Of course, when the wedding preparations are going on it is important to remember that if your guests are bringing their little ones then preparation is the key.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle certainly are a unique couple both respecting tradition and embracing modernity. Harry, much like his brother before him, is a traditionalist who firmly respects his position and family yet is forward thinking and open to change. With this in mind our Royal Wedding Creche ought to reflect the importance of the occasion yet have a gentle nod towards the modern ways of the young couple. It’s this fusion of tradition and modernity that forms the inspiration for how we would approach a royal wedding creche.


Aways when planning a wedding Creche we cover three main concepts that allow the wedding guests to let their hair down and enjoy the day, safe in the knowledge that their little ones are fed, entertained and looked after.


Delightful Decor

Befitting of the splendour of a Royal Wedding we start with one of our favourite elements of children’s parties; the decoration. Being a summer wedding we felt that the traditional whites are a must and can be accentuated through the colours of the coat of arms of Harry. Harry designed his own coat of arms and was gifted the opportunity to do so as an 18th birthday present. Harry’s design incorporates elements of his mother’s and marries them with those of his father. Deep blues, rich reds and gold flow throughout the design and make a welcome addition to the colour scheme of the royal creche. This wonderful colour scheme can be carried through to all elements of the decoration including the royal sweetie table, balloons, napkins, table trinkets and chairs.



As with all wedding creches, notwithstanding royal ones, the entertainment is of the utmost importance. Here, a wedding creches really comes into its own and a royal creche is no exception. Depending on the age of the littles ones the games, of course, will vary. We want to keep it traditional and think that fancy dress (a homage to Meghan’s acting) party games, sports, treasure hunts, arts and crafts would all make a welcome addition. Regardless if the wedding is royal or not the creche primarily is there to keep the little ones safe and entertained and by offering a variety of games and activities will keep the children both engaged and amused.


A Fine Feast

As we said before we think a royal sweetie table would look simply fab amongst the splendor of the decor and the food certainly needs to match the occasion. According to reports as a child Prince Harry was a big fan of peanut but and jam cupcakes, even from a young age Harry seemed to have a penchant for American flavours! Of course, depending on the age of the royal little guests you want to ensure a healthy balance of tasty, nutritious food as well as few select sweet treats to let the children indulge. We think that light British classics such as handmade Scotch eggs, flakey sausage rolls, quivering flans and custard trifles would all make a welcome appearance at our Royal Creche.  

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