afternoon! Here at ‘Les Enfants’ we have been a tad slow in our blog
updates- the Christmas period was extremely busy and kept us all on
our toes.
I let you all have a sneak peak of our Christmas events I would like
to introduce myself. My name is Zahra Noble, I am 23 and the newest
member to the ‘Les Enfants’ team.
I am
originally from Edinburgh, but moved to London in order to study
‘Events Management’ at Greenwich University. I have been decorating
shop windows within my families company for many years and love
coming up with new and original ideas. Previous to working with ‘Les
Enfants’ I styled and decorated many friends and families themed
parties. One example of this could be my own 21st
enchanted forest theme party which was held in a large, empty barnyard in
the Scottish countryside ( photos below). I spent weeks creating
tables out of tree trunks I found in the forest, covered the longer
tables in turf (which turned out to be a very messy job!) managed to
some how build a swing inside and covered the entire ceiling in
cherry blossom and lanterns. It is creativity and design that I
really enjoy, and I love the idea of taking a blank canvas and
completely transforming a space to create something unique and

When I
joined ‘Les Enfants’ after completing my degree I was immediately attracted to the original and
personalised styling that appears in every one of their parties.
However, I happened to join at the most hectic time of the year,
Christmas! so my stamina was definitely tested!

We had
a brilliant Christmas period, but I have to admit I am very happy to
wave goodbye to the holiday season and begin planning new and
parties in 2013.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries, and please look out for our next instalment! 
Speak soon! 
Zahra xxx