Over the last year we have been noticing a real trend for different and exciting invitations.  The hand-written, filled-in invite has been replaced by a new breed of personalized, themed and sometimes shaped invitations.
We always see the invitation as a pre-cursor to the party, a taster of what is to come and from our perspective as a party planners, we like to ensure it is as stylish as the party itself.
Recently our clients have been asking for us to push the boundaries of the traditional invitation and we have been creating invitations, which are in themselves small gifts.  Examples include a Wonka bar with a golden ticket, a paint box with the invite inserted into the lid, a book and sweets in a gift bag, a pirate invite in a bottle and cupcakes and themed cookies as well.
We decided to look further into this as a concept and see what other exciting and interesting ideas we could find out there as well as sharing some of our own.

How about adding crayons to an art party invitation
as One Charming Party did here 

This is a concept we created for a client, sending out an actual disk
Our very cool Tom & Jerry invitation bags
Love these pop up invitations from Jinksy Crafts

Sending cookie cutters with the invite for the cookie
decorating party by Dandee Designs

Other ideas could include lollipops, bubbles, a balloon to inflate, the options are endless and of course depend on your budget but what a lovely way to invite a guest to your party!
See you soon