Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blog where we bring you the very latest from our luxury children’s party planners and more. Being based in London and being around the wonderful sights and sounds of the capital opens us to an array of wonderful people and businesses. With this in mind, one of our latest parties took us to the heart of the city where we discovered Katharine Pooley a  luxury interior designer in Chelsea whose beautiful designs have captured the imagination of both private and public clients across the World. From luxury scottish castles to the VIP suite at Heathrow, Pooley’s designs are known for their use of colour, symmetry and style (all very dear to our party stylists’ hearts!). We sat down with Katharine for a quick chat to discuss her designs, life and parties.

Katharine, tell us. What inspired you to become an interior designer?

I have always had a passion for design and interiors. From an early age I have always been interested in design, be it of properties, objects to anything and wanted to express my creativity through my work. Without sounding to cliche, interior design chose me almost. It was something that I always enjoyed when working on my own properties and decided to create my business to assist others in creating beautiful properties that reflect their lifestyles and tastes.

What inspires your designs from London?

London truly is a global melting pot of cultures. In town you can experience almost any culture on Earth and my passion for travel is kindled by the city. The rich history and tapestry of styles, movements and design is something that indirectly influences my work. From the art, music and literature to the royal palaces and modernist skyscrapers, London constantly reinvents itself and is often at the forefront of many movements. The city influences me in the sense that is constantly evolving and growing, reflecting the people and cultures and constantly moving forward.

How has being a mum changed how you work?

Being a mum changed many areas of my life and not just my work! Being a mum is one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had and I feel so proud of my children. Creating the right work and home life balance can be hard but having assembled such amazing teams it really has helped to carry on doing what I love without sacrificing time with my children or home life.

What would be your ultimate children’s party?

Very good question! I simply love the designs of your parties, the attention to detail and the little special touches, something I always believe in with my own designs. I am an adventurer at heart and love to travel so I think a safari or jungle themed party would be what I would have loved as a child. The big 5 animals in Africa, jungle cupcakes and the wonderful hues of the jungle would look amazing I think.

Once again we would like to thank Katharine letting us into her world and sharing her insights into design. For more information on the luxury interior designer and more contact enquiries@katharinepooley.com