DIY Party Hats

After last weeks ‘madhatter tutorial’ I felt inspired to do a little research on more party hat ideas and tutorials. I love designing tailored hats for our parties, not only do they add another design element to our tea tables, but they also look fantastic for the photographs afterwards. There is nothing sweeter than a long bespoke tea table filled with children wearing pom pom party hats or lace crowns whilst eating off their matching melamine plates and drinking from their stripy or polka-dot paper straws. The children become part of the design which really makes for some beautiful photography and lasting memories..

Below i have attached a few of my favourites with links to tutorials so that you can make your very own hats! Enjoy…

These beautiful pom pom hats would look really lovely at any party. These hats are available from American retailer ‘Shop Sweet Lulu’ (link) however, I urge you to try and make your own- its great fun!
I absolutely love this ‘sock monkey’ hat. Would be brilliant for a first birthday…
Pretty, pretty, pretty, A beautiful design for a summer garden party, (especially now as summer appears to be on its way at last!)
I love these lace crown designs. I recently made 30 for a ‘Once Upon a Time’ party and loved how they looked on the table and on the heads of all the little princesses
A really lovely design for a cowboy and indian party, or peter pan and the lost boys!

These hats will make any little girl feel like a princess. An ‘enchanted fairytale’ theme party would be perfect ..

I hope you have enjoyed this post and have a lovely week!

Talk soon,

Zahra xxx