Baby Showers

It may seem a little like tempting fate to use the word ‘Shower’ in a title when we are (AT LAST) experiencing a bit of sun over this questionable British Summer!  But fear not, we are not discussing the weather.

Over the years, Baby Showers have become more and more popular in the UK, and we are here to help you plan each step of the way.  Whilst originally an American tradition, Baby Showers are very welcome here in London!  Who doesn’t love an excuse to get together with friends, drink tea, eat cake and have a good old chin wag?  It is a wonderful excuse to spoil the lovely mum to be, and share advice, memories and excitement for the future.

Pink Baby Shower

Here we have compiled some of our favourite tips for a beautiful baby shower that are sure to inspire you, wether you are, or are not pregnant.  Can we have a food baby shower?  Is that a legitimate excuse for a party?

What is A Baby Shower Exactly? Are There Rules?

A Baby Shower is a party held for an expectant mother to be, where friends and family come together to celebrate the family’s new arrival.  Generally this is organised by friends, family members or co workers as a gift, not by the expectant parents themselves.  Showers are usually held within the last two months of pregnancy, but some prefer the child themselves to arrive first to allow them to be the star of the show!  

It is worth checking with the parents before hand at what point they would like the party. Typically Baby Showers are only held for first children, but obviously we think this is a silly rule and a party should be had for whatever the occasion.  We all know how siblings like to keep it fair!


It Doesn’t Have To Be Pink or Blue!

Whilst pink or blue might be obvious themes for a baby shower, we have seen plenty of examples of other wonderful themes.  Think outside the box!  We love the idea of a botanical themed baby shower, using soft florals such as wild cotton sticks and baby’s breath to decorate tables.

Other beautiful themes we would recommend include ‘French Countryside’.  You can work on a lilac and cream palette, and include little rustic touches such as hessian and fresh lavender, and indulge in quotes in a language a little more chic than our own.  Another, more gender friendly option would be an ‘All in White’ shower.  Fill your party room with white balloons and streamers, and ask guests to bring gifts wrapped in snow and chalky hues.  This is a classic and simple theme that is easy to create, and effortlessly beautiful.

Baby Shower Invites

Don’t Forget Invites

A hand written invitation is rare thing in today’s world of smart phones and facebook, and here at Les Enfants, we think it is a personal touch that celebrates the occasion.  Think about how you can tie your invitations in with your theme.  Consider tying invites with brown string and a sprig of baby’s breath for a fresh touch.

Whilst this might sound very obvious – we have learnt from ‘FRIENDS’ that it is really important to actually determine who is invited.  More traditional mums may want to stick to ‘Ladies Only’ but some prefer inviting the father and his friends, along with the children of guests.  Don’t be afraid to ask the couple for a list! Invites should be sent out at least three weeks prior to the event to ensure everyone has notice and adequate time to purchase a gift.

Baby Biscuits

Pick A Menu

Lots of ladies often favour cream tea with their baby showers.  It is classically British and more than a little bit delicious.  We highly recommend the cream tea at The Mandarin Oriental – with their fluffy light scones, rose jam and delicate finger sandwiches, all served in a suspended bird cage, you are very unlikely to be disappointed.

Of course, some prefer to host at the couples’ home!  Finger food is easy and incredibly popular, as long as there is lots of flavour – feta and vegetable tarts, beautiful green salads, macarons and sugar cookies are bound to go down a storm.  We just adore these beautiful biscuits by Love Bug Cookies, with their intricate icing and teeny tiny baby grows.  There is also no shame in Pot Luck, feel free to suggest each guest brings something delicious.

Blindfolded Baby Changing

Play lots of games!

Whilst, of course, the obvious main attraction is the lovely mummy to be, baby showers are also an excellent opportunity to have fun with games.  A popular choice is most definitely ‘Spot The Baby’.  It takes a little bit of preparation but is fantastic fun.  Each guest needs to bring along a photograph of themselves as a child, and everyone must guess which belongs to who.

Quizzes also go down a treat – you can ask guests wether they think the baby will be a boy or a girl, what their favourite names are, and who’s features the baby might have!  We have even seen a ‘Blindfolded Diaper Station’ – all you need is a changing mat, a selection of dolls and some cheap nappies, and of course, a blindfold – let the games begin!

Baby Shower Gift

What is Mum To Be Lives Far Away?

Simple!  Pop together a Baby Shower Box.  Fill a beautiful parcel with little presents such as booties, onesies and talcum powder.  Wrap on theme, stick to a colour palette to ensure your box looks beautiful – the aim is to create the Baby Shower experience in a parcel, so it is important to pay attention to the small details.  Don’t be afraid to use confetti, flowers, whatever you see fit.  Mum To Be will be touched by your personal gift, and cherish any gifts for the new baby.

You could even organise your box by theme – such as Baby’s First Bath, and supply fitting gifts such as miniature soft towels, a robe and baby lotion.  We also love the idea of a ‘Pampering the Mum’ gift, and ‘Decorating the Nursery’ too.

When you are planning a party for another person, it can be a tricky and stressful event! We are here to hold your hand and guide you with our experience, fantastic party contacts and creativity.  Together, we can create a Baby Shower that is beautiful, personalised and unique.

To find out more about how we can help, give our party planners a call on 020 8502 9988.